Bring Your Boat Interior Back to New

Marine Interior Restoration Guide

Spring is upon us and you may ask yourself, "how do I make my boat look newer than my neighbors?"... Vanity we know, but the truth is that many boat owners love to showcase their watercraft much like sports car owners do. Keeping your boat in tip-top condition both inside and out, not only will make you look like a superhero on the water but it will speak volumes when you're ready to sell it and upgrade to your 52-foot cigarette runner. 

Your concerns, like many, rest with the cost of restoration. We all know the age-old acronym that boat owners pull out at house parties and dockside conversations:

  • B - Bring
  • O - Out
  • A - Another
  • T - Thousand

So, plunking down another thousand to restore the interior doesn't make sense for a lot of people. Its a durable craft, designed to be used - use it. We're here to tell you that your two biggest concerns can be satisfied today. You don't have to spend your precious weekend hours learning to become a marine interior restoration specialist while missing precious lake time in spring NOR do you have to spend thousands. Color Glo specialists are speedy and have your pocket book in mind since you're already down a few bucks. 

Boat Restoration Inspiration

Just look at the pudding. The proof is in it. These are Color Glo marine restoration projects where boats have been brought back to life. Quickly and affordably. 

Boat Seat Repair can be done for marine plastic, vinyl, various fabrics, and upholstery. If you have cracks, rips, holes, scratches, fades, stains or burns in your boat's interior, then restoration is a great option for you. Our professional mobile franchisees come to you, to repair damaged and dirty leather, plastic and vinyl on all types of boats, yachts and personal water craft, and even your 52 foot, cigarette runner.

Save Money and Time With Color Glo

Make that old boat, camper or RV look like new again! Color Glo can Restore, Repair, Clean as well as renew or often change the color of Leather, Vinyl, Cloth, Velour, Woodgrain, Fabric, Hard Plastic & Carpet used on Motorcycles, ATVs, Boats, Jet Skis, Motor Homes, Campers and much more!

Color Glo can restore all the interior of your beautiful and hard earned watercraft and recreational vehicles. Whether it be vinyl, boat carpet or even hard plastic, we can make the interior of your boat look new again. Who knows... you may even find our products make your boat look even better than new! Color Glo specialists can perform these services:

  • Seats and beds repair.
  • Boat tops restoration. 
  • Engine enclosures restoration.
  • Mildew removal.
  • Woodgrain restoration.
  • Hard plastic repair

How To Avoid Boat Interior Restoration

Eventually, you'll need to either put serious elbow grease and free time into your boat or employ someone to provide boat restoration services. You can't avoid it, but you can prolong it. Here are some great tips to keep your boat in "like new" shape for yourself, for you drooling lake neighbors, or for resale. 

  1. Clean the Carpet of Your Boat. So many boat owners never think to clean the carpet of their boat after every use. Think about it... not only do we drag our dirty feet on it, but also drip fish slime, spill salted plastics and scent, and of course, spill cocktails, food and other "stuff" all over it. It take tremendous abuse. 
  2. Clean your live wells! Your live wells are a breeding ground for stench, stains, and the occasional manhunt for that unknown odor. You must routinely clean them for the health of stored fish (and the boat owners experience). DO NOT use strong detergents, bleach or other chemicals can have a detrimental effect on the fish you place in there. You'll want to remove filter screens and such, but a nice baking soda and hot water mixture will work magic. 

  3. Make sure to clean boat bilges. Just follow your manufactures instructions, but this is something that can fail when you need it most if in an unkept condition. It can also cause stink on your boat. That's no good for weekend frolicking with friends.

  4. Your console. For plastic and glass, simply use windex or similar spray cleaner. For electronic gauges, graphs and other more sensitive plastic surfaces, use a vinegar-water mixture followed by a soft cloth. Presto!

  5. Boat hull, outboard engines, and trailer. These items take an extraordinary beating by the water, the sun and other debris that hits them full-speed along the way. A very simple thing that keeps your boat looking like new is keeping soft cloths to wipe the boat down immediately after use. When coming out of the water, use a hose or power sprayer to wash your craft and trailer thoroughly. Consult your manufacturer on types of wax or finishing products to give your boat that brand new glisten. 

  6. Vinyl boat seats. Lastly, your boat seats get abused by your excursions, your family and friends. The sun also will wreak havoc on them causing them to dry out and crack, just like our skin. The opposite issue of mildew and mold can occur when the surface is not allowed to breathe properly. There are various products you can employ to condition your seats, even household cleaners like dishwashing soap can be great for cleaning them. As always we suggest you consult your specific manufacturer's brand guidelines to get the longest possible lifespan before you give Color Glo a call to do restoration work. 

From faded and worn to brilliant and new. Bring your boat back to life with Color Glo. 

From faded and worn to brilliant and new. Bring your boat back to life with Color Glo. 

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