Nevada Color Glo Franchisees

Color Glo Franchise Nevada

David Giordano
Servicing Washoe, Carson City, Storey and Douglas counties in the state of Nevada

"Wow! The proof is in the pudding!  We are so happy with Dave’s work.  We gave him a dirty, faded sofa and he gave us back a sofa that looks brand new.  It was really worth it.  And it was a pleasure to do business with him.  He was prompt, couteous and handled our furniture with care." -Jim and Kathie Abel

Color Glo Franchise Nevada

Serge Chevrier
Servicing Clark county in the state of Nevada.


"I appreciate the amount of time you spent to make sure the seats were done right and as a result, I have had many compliments on how good the seats look after you re-dyed them. They literally look brand new. I whole heartily would recommend your services to anyone considering having their seats dyed, especially anyone with a King Ranch."  -Jackson G.