Color Glo International Product Lines

Color Glo opened their own research and development labs to formulate the best products in this industry. They hired chemists that had strong backgrounds in new product formulation and research. Over a period of several years, their team developed the original Color Glo proprietary line of restoration and repair products. Today the original 8 products in the line have grown to over 100 different and completely unique products. Each of the over 100 products are developed and selected to work seamlessly within the Color Glo system.

The Color Glo Process

Our Process uses specially formulated, proprietary products that are made in the USA. Color Glo re-conditioned items dry in minutes which allows the customer to use their investment almost immediately.

Our environment is a growing concern and special factors are often taken into consideration when a potential customer is choosing a company for repair and or restoration. This is where Color Glo comes in. At Color Glo, special attention is given to these considerations by the continued implementation and research Color Glo International Environmental impact of our products (subject to strict quality controls according to ASTM standards) that led to the creation of color-based eco-friendly products. Color Glo follows all guidelines set forth by the Global Harmonized System (GHS) and every product SDS that implements specific procedures based on their recommendations for clean-up and disposal. Requirements set forth by the Federal, State and Local Governments are followed.

Our products must be safe for use in family environments. Our franchisees are working in your home, your vehicles and your space. Color Glo makes it a top priority to use pet and child friendly products in their everyday operations.

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