Color Glo International, “More Than a Business, We Are a Big Family”

The Automotive Business

By: Ruben Moodley, Durban, South Africa

Color Glo International. Ruben Rachael Scott-Award

My Early Days with Color Glo

The automotive business, in fact anything to do with cars, has always been of interest to me. My first job at the age of 20 was as a BMW car sales person. I received training on how to sell this market leading brand that groomed my sales ability to a level that has served beneficial to my current business growth.

After being with BMW for just two years, I found myself being drawn to the technical aspect of vehicles, in particular the exterior paintwork. I joined a leading distributor for Glazurit Automotive Paints and received an advanced level of technical training that enabled me to offer expertise to the automotive paint refinish industry. I was instrumental in setting up and training new body shops in SA. I later joined SONAX Car Care, another leading German brand that provided me with the expertise on how to provide services, as well as technical expertise to resolve auto paint defects at OEM and after market levels.

My very first and major accomplishment was when I was invited by Volkswagen of SA, to head up a paint rectification process at their manufacturing plant. I serviced them for three years and as a result of my track record, I was also requested to provide services to VW in Germany and Mexico. I also provided services to Opel, Mercedes Benz and BMW as a technical consultant.

I conducted this consultancy service whilst having established the largest detailing business based in Durban.

First Contact With Color Glo.

As my contract came to an end at VW, I came across an advert for Color Glo services. I was blown away by what they had to offer with regards to color restoration and decided to look into this as an add-on to my current detailing business. I immediately secured the rights for a Color Glo franchise for the Durban area.

Ruben facilitating a Color Glo product training.

Ruben facilitating a Color Glo product training.

The Color Glo Journey Begins

Within six months of trading Color Glo, the business turnover started to overwhelm my current detailing business. I then decided to secure additional areas and it was not long thereafter, in fact within nine months that I was appointed as the Area Development Licensor / Master Franchisor for Color Glo in South Africa and since then it has been the greatest journey ever undertaken in my business career.

Impressed, Very Impressed - Having several years of prior experience in the automotive industry, I was blown away with the state of the art technology that CGI – Color Glo International provided. Whilst developing the South African market, I spent a lot of time working with the various Color Glo products. I was particularly impressed with the “Go Green” aspect, in that whilst using water based, environmentally friendly products, the restoration service helped to prevent the unnecessary disposal of certain materials that are not biodegradable. Items such as plastic dashes and consoles used in cars are easily restored. We are especially proud as being the only ISO 9001 certified franchise business in our industry. Being a distinguished member of the International Franchise Association gives both our clients and business partner’s total piece of mind.

Support from Corporate Color Glo – the Smith family of Minneapolis, currently a second going on to a third generation family owned business are passionate in what they do. Their values / ethics / morals is well respected by our entire franchise network and they continue to offer the best and most professional support in a totally un-compromised manner. Four decades of successful business ethics has made our brand a world market leader, as continuously recognized by various leading franchise associations, magazines and media. I am truly grateful for their role in guiding me to my new level of business success.

Ruben doing a shoe repair demonstration

Ruben doing a shoe repair demonstration

Always inspired - with my willingness to share my passion, knowledge & technical skills, CGI appointed me as an international trainer in 2004. I have since trained several new franchisees in SA & following a certification by CGI, our training facility was the first outside of the USA to conduct international training. Over the past ten years we have had Australia, Ireland, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Namibia, Nigeria & Netherlands over to SA for training. I have also conducted training at the various international seminars in the USA. I am very passionate about growing the brand & enjoy empowering people with skills to further enhance their careers.

Shoes, Bags and luxury products are just one of Color Glo's wheel-houses.

Shoes, Bags and luxury products are just one of Color Glo's wheel-houses.

Our growth - Color Glo has grown in South Africa. We currently have 17 franchisees & will soon be participating in our 15th seminar come October 2016 in Minneapolis, MN. During past seminars, Scott Smith, International Vice President was in attendance and we presented him with an appreciation award for his support & friendship. Scott and the team at CGI corporate have always given us superb service, support, but most importantly the trust that they have opened to both Racheal (my wife / business partner) & I have been respected in an overwhelming manner. This further drives me to go beyond for them, and the brand collectively.

My highlights - with Color Glo these past twelve years apart from the several awards that we have received, was in 2007 when I was presented with the CGI Global Partner Award, but the cherry on the top was the Everett C. Smith Award received last year at the International Seminar, this being the very first time that this award left the USA to an ADL since its inception. I am delighted to share this with the various recipients that have been honored previously.

Color Glo is a way of life for us and we remain passionate to grow the brand, whilst always being committed to lend support to others. Wishing you all a successful future with Your Color Glo Franchise, it has certainly been a great 15 years for us in South Africa.

Thank you to CGI for the opportunity and for your ongoing support. Your values are greatly appreciated.

--Ruben Moodley 

Ruben Moodle, Color International South Africa Franchise