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Color Glo Canada: Marine Vinyl & Leather Color Restoration.

Color Glo Canada: Marine Vinyl & Leather Color Restoration.

Color Glo is an international color restoration and repair company with hundreds of franchised offices throughout the U.S. and several foreign countries. Color Glo Canada has 15+ locations offering mobile-based technicians that will come to your home, office or other location to repair damaged plastic, vinyl, leather, fabric and upholstery. Worn, torn, stained, burned, scratched or otherwise damaged materials can be restored to like new for just a fraction of the cost of replacement.

We specialize in restoring and repairing all types of damaged, mismatched, dirty, faded upholstery found in the home, office, automobile, private or commercial aircraft, boats and commercial seating venues. In addition Color Glo Canada offers re-dying services when a color change is desired.

Our process uses specially formulated proprietary water based and environmentally friendly, non flammable, odor free products. Color Glo re-conditioned items dry in minutes which allows the customer to use their investment almost immediately.

Color Glo Regina has always done a great job for us with bumper repairs, seat repairs, and paint touch-ups. Costly body-shops have lost some of our business as Troy can do a similar repair for a fraction of the cost and time. Regina Motor Products look forward to continuing our relationship and business with Color Glo Regina in the future.
Color Glo Canada. Mobile-based color restoration specialists.

Color Glo Canada. Mobile-based color restoration specialists.

About Color Glo Canada

Color Glo Canada is a leading franchise opportunity, specializing in color and restoration in the Aviation, Marine, Residential, Commercial & Automotive markets in Canada. Color Glo Canada Franchisor, Linda Huber and company, offers mobile Color Glo services in multiple Canada territories. Her franchisee specialties are in leather restoration and repair, vinyl, plastic and cloth in boats and vehicles - but they offer the full range of Color Glo services that you can expect from every Color Glo International franchisee and specialist. Linda and company can help you restore, clean and re-dye:

  • Vinyl

  • Leather

  • Cloth

  • Velour

  • Fiberglass

  • Fabric

  • Wood Grain

  • Panel & Dash

  • Carpet

Service Area

The Color Glo Canada service area includes British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Saskatchewan. You can view all Color Glo Canada locations HERE.

You can also check out these Canada franchisees directly:


Service categories

With Color Glo Canada, you have many benefits such as on-site service, cost-effective permanent lasting repairs, environmentally safe, higher resale value and time saving efficiency without transport back and forth. Color Glo Canada services the following catagories.







Marine Leather Restoration

Marine Leather Restoration

Color Glo Canada customers also like the fact that the process takes place at their own site. There is no down time involved in dropping off your item or picking it up, we come to you, leaving valuable time for your needs - not ours.

Interested In a Color Glo Canada Franchise?

Color Glo International is the World Leader in restoration and repair of leather, vinyl, velour, cloth and hard plastics commonly found in the markets of Automotive, Aircraft, Marine and Furniture.  Formally incorporated in 1975 Color Glo began franchising in 1982. Today in hundreds of markets throughout the world. Color Glo products are proven every day to offer the correct results and best value every time they are put to the test.