Global Franchise Opportunities in 2018

Choosing A Franchise Opportunity

Life offers up a lot of opportunities, specifically when it comes to your career, investments, your family, your home, and your passions. With so many options in every area of our life, it can be difficult to make the right choice. How do you know what the right choice is? What is the right school for your interests? Who is the right partner for your marriage? What is the right position to accept in your current job?

These decisions can also be directly attributed to franchises. With so many different brands and with all types of values, service records, and industries, you'll be able to find one that aligns with your personal interests or passions - you'll also quickly weed out those that don't. With franchise ownership, your skill-sets, ideals and driving inspirations can all be realized very quickly.

Color Glo International® Certified as a 2018 World-Class Franchise® By The Franchise Research Institute®

See what Color Glo Franchisee Ruben in South Africa has to say about his experience.

Next Steps With Your Franchise Opportunity

Once you've decided to invest in your future with a franchise opportunity, you'll need to go through that decision-making process to decide which path is right for you. You might be looking to go down a completely new road in your life. But you might also be looking to find the perfect fit to hone your skills and jumpstart your career. If you work in the service, cleaning, automotive or marine sector, then we think you'll find your passion right here with Color Glo International.  

High traffic common areas can stay looking like new with yearly visits to refurbish the material.

CGI Franchise Ratings

Accolades in the franchise world are hard to get, so they should be taken seriously. Recently, Color Glo International was ranked as a certified 2018 world-class franchise by the Franchise Research Institute. In this recognition, numerous bullet points from our franchisee responses were mentioned from their interviews:

  • 99% gave a positive rating to the overall quality of the franchisor. 
  • 98% believe their franchisor encourages high standards of quality performance throughout the organization.
  • 99% gave a positive rating to how their franchise business compares to the local competition.
  • 99% gave a positive rating to the overall communication between home office personnel and franchisees. 
  • 97% gave a positive rating to the long-term growth potential for their franchise business.  

Top Franchise Questions

  1. After my initial investment, what other monies will I have to spend to get started? 

    1. Your investment provides for training and required equipment and inventory. However, as with any business, you should have access to a certain amount to cover your start-up. Usually, this is within 30 to 90 days. 

  2. Do I need a truck to carry all of the equipment necessary for work? 

    1. No! However, CGI recommends a minivan or pick-up with a topper to provide visual impact (decals, etc.) and simplify access to your materials. 

  3. Would I have much competition? 

    1. No! Competition is very limited. 

  4. What do car dealers do now with a used car “taken in on trade”? 

    1. Generally, they send it to a “detail shop” for interior cleaning and exterior washing and polishing. Detail shops can not redye sun-faded fabric, leather or vinyl materials, nor completely remove bad stains. 

  5. Where besides the automotive market can I make money?

    1. Anywhere you find leather, vinyl, fabric, plastic and more. Today, besides improving vehicles of all types, Color Glo offices nationwide have been authorized as the warranty service agents for national furniture wholesalers and retailers. Additionally, our franchisees stay busy working on airplanes, boats, ATV’s, office furniture, medical benches, leather coats and purses and so much more!!!  

  6. What type of profit should I expect? 

    1. Due to not being overwhelmed with overhead, as in most businesses of to-day, you will be retaining 75% to 90% of your receipts. 

Franchise Industry Overview

Color Glo is an international color restoration and repair company with hundreds of franchised offices throughout the U.S. and several foreign countries. We specialize in repairing all types of damaged, mismatched, dirty, faded upholstery found in the home, office, automobile, private or commercial aircraft, boats and commercial seating venues. In addition, Color Glo offers re-dyeing or color restoration services for when you just want to improve the appearance of the existing finish or in many cases we can even provide a complete color change. 

Why we're top rated 

Color Glo has serviced thousands of clients in commercial facilities including theaters, auto dealerships, office buildings, marinas, schools and colleges, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, apartment buildings, homes and more. 

Our process uses specially formulated proprietary water-based and environmentally friendly, non-flammable, odor-free products that are made in the USA. Color Glo re-conditioned items dry in minutes which allows the customer to use their investment almost immediately. 

Color Glo customers also like the fact that the process takes place at their own site. There is no downtime involved in dropping off your item

Is a Color Glo Franchise Opportunity Right For You?

If you're determined and motivated and love the industries that we niche in, then a CGI business will benefit your family and career with exponential returns. Contact us today to schedule your Discovery Day and find out why we are ranked for franchisee satisfaction by our franchisees, Franchise Gator, and more! It’s your future, don’t just spend it watching others succeed!