The Benefits of Refurbishing Fleet Vehicles

Refurbishing Fleet Vehicles Works

If you’re in the business of fleet vehicles, then you know that the unknown variable of mechanical, auto-body and refurbishment repairs can be devilish. They crop up at the least expected times and cause your vehicles to be out of service, thus costing you money.

When fleet vehicles is your business, you either have an in-house automotive repair shop and auto-body repair shop or you have a list of tried and true vendors that work at your speed and budget.

But what about the rest?

Whether you’re buying a fleet of used vehicles or fixing up the ones with miles on them, you’re going to run into decisions to replace or restore. For many, restoration is not a consideration because the benefits are not second nature. At Color Glo International, we are experts in the business of fleet vehicle refurbishment and restoration for “the rest”. Your mechanical and auto-body repairs can often take a day if not only hours, but when faced with cleaning the vehicle up to make the driving experience good for drivers - the time out of service can be a bit lengthier, thus costing you money.

The Benefits of Refurbishing Fleet Vehicles

What does this mean for my bottom line?

Your vehicles not only need to run well, but look good and function well. Things tend to fall apart over time, headlights yellow, leather and fabric get torn, the dash fades from the sun, the carpeting gets worn out from foot wear.

If you happen to be in the business of tractors for semi trucks and hauling, buying used and refurbishing can save you between $40,000 - $50,000 per tractor when you consider refurbishing the entire tractor. Your color and fabric restoration from Color Glo can save you up to 70% of the cost of replacing fabric, leather and plastic items.

The professionals at Color Glo can help

Color Glo specialists come to you.  We've been doing it for over 45 years and have built incredible relationships with fleet vehicle companies and their customers. All of our repairs are done on-site, meaning you can stay busy with your fleet in service while we get them ready to hit the road. You don't have to transport them anywhere, wait for the repair or lose precious time in sales. 

Our franchisees can fix just about anything. With Color Glo, you can make one call to fix almost everything in the dash, seating, interior, headlights and some exterior paneling. We repair and restore vinyl, leather, fabric, plastic, and carpet to a like-new condition.

Think of it as a full makeover. If you're looking to sell your home, you may hire a professional painter to give a brand new feel and give the rooms a flow that leads you through the house. The emotional piece of spending money is very real when it comes to homes, cars, RV's and other items of large expense. In your fleet vehicles, Color Glo can dye surfaces like vinyl, plastic, leather, rubber and more. We can also repair and restore scratches, tears, and burns to new.

Putting a fresh coat of paint inside a home you’re looking to sell is one of the easiest ways to spruce a place up, so why not do the same for the interior and some exterior elements of your fleet vehicles?

The benefits of refurbishing fleet vehicles

Repair vs. Replace

Repairing and restoring the features on your fleet of previously-owned or in-service vehicles can help make the cost of replacement cheaper. In fact, it will be much less in most cases. You can expect to see as much as a 70% savings when restoring to new with Color Glo and you can extend the life an enjoyment of your fleet.

Are you a fleet vehicle business that needs an on-site restoration specialist?