The Importance of Refinishing Furniture in Commercial Buildings

Refinishing furniture in commercial buildings

The appeal and functionality of commercial workspaces are driven entirely by the environment, which is comprised of furniture and work areas. Whether you're an employee or a client, it's one of the first things people see when they enter the building. Not only does it provide a first impression, but it also sets the tone for an internal and external culture of the daily operations of your company. 

Lucite tables, four legs and shotty furniture generally aren’t good for employee morale. Of course, there are other ways to motivate...

You probably don't want your office environment looking and feeling like Investors Center...

Despite the importance of commercial furniture...

It's really tough to keep your commercial furniture in great condition. Your customers and even your employees use and abuse it every single day. Heavy daily use will degrade the value of your furniture faster than your pocketbook can handle it. 

Unlike your personally owned furniture at home, your commercial furniture will not have extra protectants and careful handling. It gets bought and placed, and used. Therefore, furniture in commercial buildings tends to deteriorate quickly and starts showing severe signs of wear and tear only after a few years of use.

Replacing your commercial furniture every couple of years really is not a financially feasible option. New furniture is very expensive and quickly eat at business margins or extraneous budgets for office supplies. If you've put your office space together with comfort and zen, then you likely don't want to be sourcing new furnishing designs again anytime soon. 

So what's the solution?

Enter Color Glo International. There is a solution that is easy, efficient and affordable that can bring brand new life to your worn or slightly damaged commercial furniture. Refinishing your commercial furniture can restore the original luster and sturdiness of your office pieces. Or you can opt to give them a completely new look at just a fraction of the cost you would pay for brand new items. 

There are some financial benefits. Repairing a damaged piece of furniture will cost you much less than buying a new one of similar quality. One market that continues to increase prices while offering less quality is furniture - both home and commercial. Color Glo Specialists have the proper equipment and professional experience required to repair and restore all different types of furniture that are typically found in commercial buildings. No need to replace items, we'll make them look the same as the rest. 

  • Leather Chairs
  • Luxury Wall Paneling
  • Office Suites
  • Shelving
  • Cabinets & Tables
  • Medical Furniture
High traffic common areas can stay looking like new with yearly visits to refurbish the material.

High traffic common areas can stay looking like new with yearly visits to refurbish the material.

Aesthetic benefits

It is absolutely the furniture that defines the look and style of an office or business establishment. Without it, it's an empty shell with some lighting. It adds elegance to the ambiance and gives the impression of prosperity and trustworthiness to your business. People, both clients and employees, respond to the ambiance.

Therefore, if the furniture gets damaged, dirty, or worn out, the commercial space will lose its appeal and elegant character. This will happen within just a few years if not sooner because of the daily wear and tear. So rather than replace these items and wasting time and effort in shopping for top retail priced items, you can refinish your commercial furniture for a fraction of the price. 

Color Glo Specialists will fix any sustained damage and revitalize the surfaces so that your pieces regain their initial strength and beauty. You can have them restored to their original appearance or you can dye and re-color items such as fabric, leather, and wood to create a whole new office vibe!

Same furniture. New look. Lower price. 


All of this is great, but there's one more benefit to consider. Refinishing furniture has a greater impact on the global environment. When one less piece of furniture is bought from new, you're choosing the most eco-friendly option possible. It's no secret that your carbon footprint is significantly reduced when you opt to restore what is old vs. buying brand new. You eliminate the need to produce one product, burn more fuel, ship more items, etc. 

The process of making new furniture has been estimated to release hundreds of times more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than the process of restoring or refinishing old furniture. By reusing old furniture, you're also helping to preserve wood and other natural resources that have already been put to great use.

To sum it all up

Color Glo can Repair, Restore and Rejuvenate all your Office Furniture. Keep all your vinyl and leather office chairs for longer and restore them to a like new status. We do all our repairs on site which eliminates any possible down-time for our customers and keeps your employees happy and productive.

COST-EFFECTIVENESS. Restored items demand higher resale value, increasing your margin potential if you're looking to sell them. Restoration also mitigates the very costly option of replacement and extends the life of your corporate furniture and office spaces. You will realize a huge cost savings when compared to the alternative.

On-Site Service

  • Property never leaves the customers site.
  • Convenient for our customers.
  • Eliminates customer downtime.
  • Your property is always secure.

Permanent Lasting Repairs

  • Specially formulated proprietary water-based products used in this market.
  • Non-flammable & odorless.
  • Dries in minutes and usable same day. 


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