What is Acoustical Ceiling Restoration?

Acoustical Ceiling Restoration

"Restoration" refers to restoring something to its original condition. As a worldwide leader in ceiling restoration for businesses, we can speak confidently (first and foremost) to what ceiling restoration is not. 

Painting your ceiling. This is a solution that many businesses, small to commercial, will entertain (or worse yet pursue) when looking to revitalize and refurbish their ceilings. Be very aware that this does not provide any benefit to the ceiling, to your employees or to your customers. Ceilings get dirty over time, specifically if they are in industrial or high traffic area. The solution is not to seal bacteria, grime and dirt into a petrified state above your heads. 

Ceiling installation can be grossly expensive. The bulk of your cost will come with the suspension and T-bar system that supports your acoustical ceiling as well as the labor involved to custom fit it to your space. Ceilings can become dirty pretty quickly, so in our professional demeanor it begs us to ask the question; "why would you entirely ruin your ceiling with paint and DIY coatings?"

If ceiling tiles are dirty or even damaged from smoke and pollutants, there is no need to paint your ceiling and trap it all in. Dirt, discoloration and worse is just going to bleed right through your paint or coatings job, which by that time leaves no recourse to the painting company for correction. Save your company money and explore a healthier solution by restoring them with Coustic Glo International. 

Bring Your Ceiling Back to Life

Once you make the choice to paint or coat your ceilings, you've likely just committed to a process that has a short-term solution to a very long-term problem. The Problem is this: the ceiling will continue to get dirty at the same rate that it did before. The paint or coating will generate its own layer of grime and dirt while the underlying layer of pollutants will begin to resurface. This leaves many businesses with a duly dark environment that is unhealthy and unproductive. Your option at this point will be only to paint it again, along with speaker grilles, diffusers, sprinklers, etc. These items are vital to your ceiling system and can be professionally cleaned to look like new. So explore the option of restoration before destroying your high-cost investment into your ceilings.

What is Acoustical Ceiling Restoration or refurbishing?  Acoustical Ceiling Restoration is the process of restoring your acoustical ceilings to their original condition to look like new again. You'll experience an exclusive ceiling cleaning and restoration process which consists of ceiling cleaning products and equipment. A professionally done job will leave your acoustical ceiling tiles, ceiling grid T-Bar system, your sprinklers, speaker grilles and more looking and smelling like the day they were installed.

Refurbish. Don't Replace. 

Save your company thousands. Restore Your Ceilings With The Original Refurbishment Professionals. Coustic Glo International is the World Leader in ceiling and wall restoration since 1975. Today in markets around the world, Coustic Glo products are proven every day to offer the correct results and best value every time they are put to the test. The process of restoring our ceilings is up to 80% cheaper than replacing them and it's an environmentally safe decision as well. 

What are the benefits?

  • Smoke & fire retardation.
  • Acoustical rating enhancement (sound is re-absorbed).
  • Brightens the workplace.
  • Offers a safer, healthier breathing environment.
  • Increases employee / customer morale.
  • Far less expensive than replacement options.

What ceiling items can be cleaned?

  • Acoustical Ceilings. 
  • Hard ceilings.
    • Vinyl ceilings
    • Tile ceilings
    • Metal pan ceilings
    • sheetrock ceilings
    • Vinyl rock ceilings
  • Walls (including brick, vinyl, hard surface and FRP).
  • Stainless steel hoods and surfaces.
  • Fluorescent light diffusers.
  • Light deflectors.
  • Chandeliers.
  • Window Blinds.
  • and more!

Are you in need of ceiling restoration?

If your business is in the midwest and you'd like to explore restoration, you can reach out to our Minnesota Dealership - Coustic Glo Midwest. Or you can contact them directly below.

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