Baandam X the Camp: Charity Project 109

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Charity Project 109. Color Glo Thailand helped raise Money to help the wild guardian officer. The event took place Saturday to Sunday, April 7th & 8th at the courtyard of the camp.

Black House Museum in conjunction with the camp vintage flea market - a vintage market in Bangkok. Charity Charity Project 109 is open for the photo of a sudden brush. A Special Set of National Artists, vine, Index, four jatujak. The element of the 4 Elements (Elephant, horse, bull, Eagle) is printed on a special type of paper. Premium Limited Edition In Large A1 (59 x 85 cm. , ) price is 1,000 baht per photo. There are 4 types of production. Only 200 photos per day.

Every cent of income that comes through without breaking any cost is given as a welfare fund to assist the wild guardian officials in Thailand.

There's a special event on Sunday. Meet and greet with a handful of singer-Star Artists. We'll also highlight the lucky draw of special prizes from the black house museum. The Solar Medal, the landscape, the work of the national artist. Vine. Index. Special Set. Solar Coin. Shan Tri. 1 sets And many other goodies include more than two hundred thousand baht.

Don't miss!!! See you on Saturday - Sunday 7-8th April at the camp jatujak.

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