How RV Dealers & Owners Benefit from Color Glo

RV's Owners benefit from Color Glo

Summertime is upon us and that means that RV sales will soon be ramping up for the fall. "Recreational vehicles (RVs), caravans, campers, vans or motorhomes - whatever size they are and whatever you call them, they are back and picking up a new generation of eager fans just wanting to hit the road", according to CNN.

Recent surveys taken in 2017 at dealerships across the U.S., in Europe, and in Canada are reporting that they are seeing younger and younger buyers. There are definitely a couple of reasons for this – first vehicles, particularly the smaller 'value' models that offer a lot of flexibility, are being designed with a younger demographic in mind. 

Dealers also are not alone in this surge of growth. The recreational vehicle industry association (RVIA) reports that the RV rental business is a $350+ million sector that will continue to grow as more baby boomers retire and hit the road as well. 

How RV Dealers & Owners Benefit from Color Glo

What does this mean for dealers?

This boom and a continued surge in the RV industry has led to increased competition for dealers and renters to move their units quickly. Ensuring their vehicles are in tip-top shape is critical to this mission and it's also a very important factor to the millenial generation.

Purchasing a previously-owned vehicle or renting one can be a very cost-effective way for customers to enjoy the RV life, traveling, etc. But giving consumers the feeling that they are in a new RV can be the difference between moving your inventory or losing out to the competition. 

The professional at Color Glo can help

Color Glo specialists come to you.  We've been doing it for over 45 years and have built incredible relationships with recreational vehicle dealers and their customers. All of our repairs are done on-site, meaning you can stay busy selling and renting your RVs while we get them ready to show. You don't have to transport them anywhere, wait for the repair or lose precious time in sales. 

Our franchisees can fix just about anything. With Color Glo, you can make one call to fix almost everything in the dash, seating, interior, headlights and some exterior paneling. We repair and restore vinyl, leather, fabric, plastic, and carpet to a like-new condition.

Think of it as a full makeover. If you're looking to sell your home, you may hire a professional painter to give a brand new feel and give the rooms a flow that leads you through the house. The emotional piece of spending money is very real when it comes to home, cars, RV's and other items of large expense. In your RV's, Color Glo can dye surfaces like vinyl, plastic, leather, rubber and more. We can also repair and restore scratches, tears, and burns to new.

Putting a fresh coat of paint inside a home you’re looking to sell is one of the easiest ways to spruce a place up, so why not do the same for the interior of the RV? Color Glo can dye any items in the interior made of vinyl, leather, plastic or fabric.

Repair vs. Replace

Repairing and restoring the features on your fleet of previously-owned recreational vehicles can help make the cost of replacement cheaper. In fact, it will be much less in most cases. You can expect to see as much as a 70% savings when restoring to new with Color Glo and you can demand top dollar for your slightly used RV's. 

Are you an RV Dealer that needs an on-site restoration specialist?