It's Time To Unleash The Boat - And Repair It...

Has your boat hit the water yet?

If you're a boat owner, your favorite time of year has already made its presence felt - specifically in our hometown of Minneapolis, MN. Though it took a long while for spring to rear its head, it's finally here and headed into summer. Has your boat hit the water yet? It seems for many that the answer is "not yet". 

If you are in this group of "not yet" then you are probably noticing the cobwebs and memories of last year's season draping all over your lake-going vessel. What felt winterized and stored in pristine shape, now looks dreary and far from sparkling clean. Often times, you find the mold that decided to plant itself on your favorite cushion or chair. It's possible a mouse found his way into your storage bins or engine compartment, leaving wires and hoses damaged and in need of repair. Your dash is suddenly dry and cracked after several years of use. What do you do?

Uffda! Does your boat look like this?

Uffda! Does your boat look like this?

Some tips and advice for boat restoration

As the world's leading on-site repair and restoration franchise company, we have a few thoughts on repairing your boat's most used areas. Color Glo Specialists have plenty of experience when it comes to high traffic wear, chips, and cracks. 

High-stress areas

One area of the boat that may "creep up on you" is that back seat section or rear of the boat. It really depends what you use your boat for, but if recreation is its purpose then you are the target for this sentiment. People stepping on the back seats and rear deck after tubing, water skiing or cocktailing on floaties can cause serious wear and tear. Stepping on cushions can cause a lot of direct stress to the seat and its coating. You just might find them to be cracked and in need of repair this spring/summer.

Stepping on the back seats after cocktailing on floaties can cause searious wear and tear.


How about that mouse?

Cute little guys... warmth is what they seek and your boat is the perfect shelter with plenty of options for making a nest. Though mice can literally chew through wires, harnesses, tubing and other important electrical elements, the most common issue we find after winter storage is damage to cushions. They find their way into the filling and take up residence for the colder months leaving you with, well... expense. 

Though it will really depend on the piece and the damage, but generally speaking a Color Glo restoration specialist can bring your marine leather, vinyl and cusion back to life for 70% - 90% cheaper than buying new. And we come to you! 

Color Glo on location around the world for boat and marine restoration

Color Glo on location around the world for boat and marine restoration

Boat vs. Automobile

As a boat-owner, keeping your boat cleaned and conditioned is your first priority. Your boat's use patterns are much different than your car and the potential for damage is high. A boat needs to be protected from the continual exposure to water and sun. Even when your boat is left uncovered overnight, the dampness can cause moisture and dew to sit on the surfaces of the boat and cause long-term damage. You may not notice it, but one day you'll wake up and it will be sudden damage that you were not expecting.

As a boat-owner, keeping your boat cleaned and conditioned is your first priority.


Having a list of general care practices which includes cleaning and protection will help your boat last for many, many years. And keep your watercraft covered when not in use will increase the life of your plastic, vinyl and leather surfaces by avoiding unnecessary exposure to the elements. You learn more about cleaning your boat at this great article by Color Glo Specialist Brenda in Michigan, "Top 4 Tips For Cleaning Marine Vinyl Interior". 

It's Time To Unleash The Boat - And Repair It...
It's Time To Unleash The Boat - And Repair It...

How Color Glo can help

Boat/marine repair can be done for marine plastic, vinyl, various fabrics, and upholstery. If you have cracks, rips, holes, scratches, fades, stains or burns in your boat's interior, then restoration is a great option for you. 

Color Glo can restore all the interior of your beautiful and hard earned watercraft and recreational vehicles. Whether it be vinyl, boat carpet or even hard plastic, we can make the interior of your boat look new again. Who knows... you may even find our products make your boat look even better than new! Color Glo specialists can perform these services:

  • Seats and beds repair.
  • Boat tops restoration. 
  • Engine enclosures restoration.
  • Mildew removal.
  • Woodgrain restoration.
  • Hard plastic repair

Help Your Boat Find The Lake Faster.

Our professional mobile franchisees come to you, to repair damaged and dirty leather, plastic and vinyl on all types of boats, yachts and personal watercraft, and even your 52 foot, cigarette runner.