Why Care And Restoration of Recreational Vehicles is So Important

Color Restoration for Recreational Vehicles

If you live here in the midwest or in an area of the world where the four seasons come and go, then you may participate in outdoor life through a garage full of gas-fueled machines. And it’s that time of year when spring is showing its face here in the upper mid-west, Minnesota and we get excited about these machines. The sun is shining, the snow is melting and people are emerging to the sidewalks from their long winter slumber.

The first signs of spring are evident when ice fishing houses come off the lake and snow mobiles and sleds go back into storage. We can then look forward to the soothing sounds of jet skis, ATV’s, motorcycles and other warm weather indicators that fill our roads, trails and lakes. You may also be a boat owner and are looking forward to de-winterizing it and hoisting its sails.

It’s possible your ice fishing house needs a little color restoration… Photo: telegraphjournal.com

It’s possible your ice fishing house needs a little color restoration…
Photo: telegraphjournal.com

How to prepare your recreational vehicles for summer

You’ve waited far too long through the brutal winter months. Now that it is springtime and you’ve housed the winter toys, you are itching to get your jet ski back in the Minnesota waters, your motorcycle back on the streets and your ATV back on the trail. We don’t blame you.

And every single year, you may find that it never fails - you’ve pulled your jet ski or other machine out from storage and you notice damage from the previous season that needs to be repaired. You may even have holes and damage from a mouse in the upholstery and wiring harnesses. Though mechanical damage needs be addressed at your local shop, the visual condition of your investments also needs some attention.

Just like your boats, automobiles, aircraft, home furniture and other lifestyle investments, recreational vehicles require maintenance, restoration and love.

So how about that mouse?

Do you still think they are cute? They love to seek warmth in the colder months and your boats, jet skis, ATV’s and other recreational vehicles in storage provide the perfect shelter with plenty of options for building nests. Though mice can literally chew through wires, harnesses, tubing and other important electrical elements, the most common issue we find after winter storage is damage to cushions. They find their way into the filling and take up residence for the colder months leaving you with spring expenses.

Though it will really depend on the piece and the damage, but generally speaking a Color Glo restoration specialist can bring your marine leather, vinyl and cushions back to life for 70% - 90% cheaper than buying new. And we’ll come right to your garage!

Image: Pontoonpedia.com

Image: Pontoonpedia.com

The Professional At Color Glo Can Help

Color Glo specialists come to you.  We've been doing it for over 45 years and have built incredible relationships with recreational vehicle owners. All of our repairs are done on-site, meaning you can save time and money during the restoration process.

Our franchisees can fix just about anything. With Color Glo, you can make one call to fix almost everything in the dash, seating, interior, headlights and some exterior paneling. We repair and restore vinyl, leather, fabric, plastic, and carpet to a like-new condition. Some recreational vehicles we love are:

  • Snow mobiles

  • ATV’s

  • Jet skis

  • Wave runners

  • Motorcycles

  • Boats (big and small)

  • and more…

Think of it as a full makeover. If you're looking to sell your home, you may hire a professional painter to give a brand new feel and give the rooms a flow that leads you through the house. The emotional piece of spending money is very real when it comes to home, cars, RV's and other items of large expense. In your RV's, Color Glo can dye surfaces like vinyl, plastic, leather, rubber and more. We can also repair and restore scratches, tears, and burns to new. Keeping these investments like new helps their resale value and keeps your enjoyment level high.

Repair vs. Replace

Repairing and restoring the features on recreational vehicles can help make the cost of replacement cheaper. In fact, it will be much less in most cases. You can expect to see as much as a 70% savings when restoring to new with Color Glo and you can demand top dollar for your slightly used RV's. 

Why Care And Restoration of Recreational Vehicles is So Important

Recreational Vehicle vs. Automobile

As a jet ski or ATV owner, keeping your machines cleaned and conditioned is your first priority. Your use patterns on these investments are much different than your car and the potential for damage is high. A marine vehicle needs to be protected from the continual exposure to water and sun. Even when left uncovered overnight, the dampness can cause moisture and dew to sit on the surfaces of the jet ski or wave runner and cause long-term damage. You may not notice it, but one day you'll wake up and it will be sudden damage that you were not expecting.

For ATV’s you probably purpose them for off road fun, hauling and property work. They get beat to death by dirt, stones, fences, water hazards and more. Annual, if not monthly, maintenance is crucial for these investments to look good and work properly.

Having a list of general care practices which includes cleaning and protection will help your recreational vehicles last for many, many years. And keeping your watercraft and ATV’s covered when not in use will increase the life of your plastic, vinyl and leather surfaces by avoiding unnecessary exposure to the elements. You learn more about cleaning watercraft at this great article by Color Glo Specialist Brenda in Michigan, "Top 4 Tips For Cleaning Marine Vinyl Interior". 

Why Care And Restoration of Recreational Vehicles is So Important.

How Color Glo can help

Boat/marine/wave runner and ATV repair can be done for plastic, vinyl, various fabrics, and upholstery. If you have cracks, rips, holes, scratches, fades, stains or burns on the interior or exterior, then restoration is a great option for you. 

Color Glo can restore all the interior of your beautiful and hard earned watercraft and recreational vehicles. Whether it be vinyl, boat carpet or even hard plastic, we can make it look new again. Who knows... if you purchased your recreational vehicle new, you may even find our products make your investment look even better than new! Color Glo specialists can perform these services:

  • Jet Ski plastic restoration.

  • Wave runner plastic restoration.

  • Watercraft vinyl restoration and repair.

  • ATV plastic & headlight restoration.

  • ATV fabric and vinyl restoration.

  • Motorcycle plastic, vinyl, headlight and leather repair.

  • Seats and beds repair.

  • Boat tops restoration.

  • Engine enclosures restoration.

  • Mildew removal.

  • Woodgrain restoration.

  • Hard plastic repair

Help Your Toys Find Their Pasture Faster.

Our professional mobile franchisees come to you, to repair damaged and dirty leather, plastic and vinyl on all types of boats, yachts and personal watercraft, ATV’s and even your 52 foot, cigarette runner.