Color Glo International Certified as a 2019 World-Class Franchise

Color Glo International® Certified as a 2019 World-Class Franchise® By The Franchise Research Institute® 

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. Feb 04th, 2019 – Color Glo International® has received World-Class Franchise® certification from the Franchise Research Institute® for the ninth consecutive year.

Color Glo International Certified as a 2019 World-Class Franchise

According to the Franchise Research Institute, to be considered, a franchisor must be transparent and offer access to every franchisee. The results must be comprehensive (70%+ participation) and responses must remain confidential… no risk for negative and no-reward for positive ratings.

The answer lies in how existing franchisees rate their franchise as a business investment.
— Franchise Research Institute

The Franchise Research Institute® sent a study solicitation notification to all ninety-three (93) Color Glo franchise owners. The study was completed in January 2019. Color Glo personnel gave franchisee contact information to the Franchise Research Institute. The notification included the URL (web address) of the Franchise Research Institute franchisee satisfaction online survey and a numeric “passcode” to insure no duplication of responses. 

Franchise owners were encouraged by Color Glo and by the Franchise Research Institute to complete the survey, and were assured that their individual responses to the questionnaire would never be revealed to anyone outside of the Franchise Research Institute (including Color Glo management). 

Franchisees logged on to the online survey questionnaire, entered their individual “passcode,” completed and submitted the survey. Sixty-eight (68) of the ninety-three (93) total franchisees, or 73.12%, responded and took the survey. The Franchise Research Institute has no reason to believe that non-respondents’ answers would vary substantially from those respondents. 

The maximum error range on this study is plus or minus (±) 3.7% at the ninety-five percent confidence level. 

Franchisee Responses

Among the responses received from Color Glo International’s franchisees:

  • 99% gave a positive rating to the overall quality of the franchisor.

  • 92% say if positioned with doing it again, they would re-invest a Color Glo franchise and 93% would recommend to others.

  • 98% gave a positive rating to how Color Glo handles opening support.

  • 100% gave a positive rating to the overall communication between home office personnel and franchisees.

  • 95% gave a positive rating to the long-term growth potential for their franchise business.

  • 99% gave a positive rating on ranking their franchise vs. local competitors.

  • 100% gave a positive rating of how the franchisee rates the overall opportunity.

We are honored to continually receive recognition for all the hard work that the Color Glo family pours into our franchisees and the success of their operations.
— Gary Smith, President

About Color Glo International

Color Glo International is the World Leader in restoration and repair of leather, vinyl, velour, cloth and hard plastics commonly found in the markets of Automotive, Aircraft, Marine, and Furniture.  Formally incorporated in 1975 Color Glo began franchising in 1982. Today in hundreds of markets throughout the world. Color Glo products are proven every day to offer the correct results and best value every time they are put to the test.

Mandi Brandon

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